Tenis Asics Patriot Verde


Tenis Asics Patriot Verde




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Designed to help runners go further, the PATRIOTâ„¢ 12 running shoe also features a bouncy and cushioned underfoot feeling.

This shoe is constructed with a breathable mesh upper to promote better airflow and help feet stay cooler over the course of your run.

Complemented with EVA technology in the midsole to create a spring-loaded response this shoe also provides excellent shock absorption. Lastly, the integration of a molded rubber outsole delivers additional support, which stems from the internal heel counter to help the feet stay aligned over long distances.

Style # 1012A705.302

  • Pronation
  • Designed For Neutral
  • neutralPronation
  • Neutral
  • Foot Type
  • Normal size arches
  • Push Off
  • There is even distribution from the front of the foot.
  • How your foot contacts the ground
  • The foot lands on outside of the heel, then rolls inward (pronates) to absorb shock and support body weight.

Tech & Features

  • EVA cushioning
  • Reinforced toe stitching
  • Mesh upper


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